Construction Project

Market Sector: FEDERAL Contracting

The Problem: Two dormitories that were only six years old had become unsafe due to water penetration compromising the structural integrity of the building. As a result, hundreds of airmen and airwomen had been relocated to a nearby hotel, which presented not only logistical problems but was an enormous expense to our client. We were contracted to assess the damage to the dormitory structure, design a solution, and repair the damage. 

The Solution: Because the relocation of the airmen and airwomen to the hotel was costing so much, we were given an aggressive schedule and tasked with completing the dormitory project in only 360 days. We quickly began work, redesigning the building, addressing the structural flaws, and replacing the damaged steel. In the end, we completed the project 120 days ahead of schedule, saving the Air Force thousands of dollars in hotel expenses. Additionally, the redesign assured the continued use of the dorms for years to come.

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